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it's all a blur... wait, something's coming back to me...

Somehow, yesterday just kind of disappeared into the ether. I don't remember it. See, this is what comes of not doing anything. And still another week before school starts! Stupid school. *mutters* I want to write papers about neurotic behavior! I want to train my little ratsie to run mazes! I want to write stories in my Ethics class, since I'm sure I'll be bored out of my gourd in it. I want to read interesting articles about brain chemistry and mood-altering drugs. *sigh* Sorry, I'll stop whining now.

I went to the comics shop today, yay! I got two issues of Animerica Extra, the latests two, complete with Banana Fish! Yippee!!!!! Ash... Eiji... *squeeks* I also got the last four issues of Strangers in Paradise, including the two ones with the really pretty covers that I found out about from Wiloe. It's actually kind of sad, before today I hadn't been to Mega City since the summer! Half a year! Am I getting out of the comics groove? No, I don't think so, I think my tastes have just been refined a bit. I like getting the larger collected trade paperbacks now rather than the individual issues. Saves me money, too. Still, it was fun just going and browsing. I almost bought the last several issues of Powers, some Warren Ellis stuff, and the new League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, but I managed to restrain myself. The regular guy behind the counter even commented on not seeing a lot of me recently. *shrugs*

I burned a CD of "Angry Tunes" for myself. Things to spice up those late night drives with. Mmm hmm, it's nice to have a stack of burnable CDs again. I'm already making it go down with a trade I set up with some girl in my club. It's kind of scary how fast I can go through a stack of 50 or 100 CDs.

This, the Fly Guy, is the best Flash-Java-clickey-whateveritis thing of it's sort that I've ever seen. Go there. Escape the chains of reality. Spend a bit of time flying...

I'm never going to be able to go to sleep tonight. I've been eating Nerds (pure sugar) and drinking Mountain Dew (refined caffeine). Fear me.
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