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My last two days in 520 words.

I woke up early and went to pick up tossblack. We went back to her apartment (braving the Freeway of Hell!) and from there on to an SCA rapier class. 'Twas cool. Some of the SCA people were even in costume! We actually learned stuff. Stuff about how to poke other people and how to stop people from poking us. Al was better at the blocking, I was more *ahem* assertive with the poking. We left when we got hungry and tired, but we spent a good couple of hours standing around with rapier thingees! (And I'm feeling it now, my shoulder is a bit sore.) Anyway, rapier practice was cool, except for the mask, that sucked.

After that, we headed out to Santa Monica for food and shopping! We had lunch at this British tea room called the Tudor House. I had crumpets! Heh. We bought British candy and stuff. :-) Later, we went to this kimono store and Al bought herself a kimono (with much pushing from me). It's pretty and she looks cute in it. I bought another fan for my wall there, too. (That brings the total of fans hanging on my bedroom wall up to fifteen.) We also went to the Sanrio store so I could buy a pencil case. It's SO CUTE!!! It has Sweet Coron on it.

As we were resting, some of my other friends showed up. Completely randomly! Tsarina, Wiloe, Tori, and some guy-friend of theirs whose name I forgot. Kick ass! Talk about coincidences! It's a small world after all, folks. Anyway, we wandered around a couple of book stores (these are MY friends, after all) and I ended up buying manga. *sigh* But, cute CLAMP manga! With chibis! ^_^

Afterwards, me and Al went back to her place and attempted to make riceballs. Um, they turned out to be more like ricebowls, but whatever, they were good anyway. Then we fitzed around on her computer. Oh, and osanna! I made her add you as a friend. I'm a good minion, I am! *beams*

I slept in. When I got up I had just enough time to get ready to meet oshunanat for lunch. We went to TGI Fridays. Yum. I gave her a bunch of burned CDs to have fun with. After she headed out on her drive back up to her school, I went and bought more CDs for my burning pleasure. (Free with rebate! I rock. *gloats*) Then I went to the mall and bought some new clothes. I really needed some jeans, and I got them, but I also bought a few shirts and a really frivolous skirt. But it was pretty! And I'm sure SOMEDAY SOMEONE will want to go to a dance club with me. *hint hint* *nudges friends* So I should be prepared. Right.

Then I spent the afternoon burning CDs for elite_stoat and reading the Bordertown book Al lent me. Dinner was homemade pizza and after that I went in to work. Work was exhausting! Whew.

So, all in all, a wonderful beginning to the week.

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