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So, last night I went to the Anime Club and I took Tsarina along with me. Loads of fun, especially with the debate about Hamlet (he's the quintessential Goth, except he's too old for all that teenage angsty crap!). Saw two new series that looked interesting (Wolf's Rain and Happy World) and actually managed to get Angel Sanctuary voted on (heheheh, I'm evil). She wants to go with me next week, too. Might become a regular thing. Yay!

Today I didn't do much. I'm enjoying my last days of freedom before classes start up again. I went to Borders to see if I really wanted to buy Jeniffer Government. It's a cool book, but a little to cynical and cutting-edge for simple ole me. About a fourth of the way through I found myself skimming to the end. So I didn't need to buy it. *shrugs* Oh well.

I did buy two other books though, much to my chagrin. But see, I have a system for browsing bookstores like that! I read slowly down the spines of books and if a title or cover artwork or author catch my eye I pick it up and read the back. If the book sounds interesting to me, I hold on to it. Once my arms are full (and they inevitably become so), I seek a spot to sit and then I methodically go through my stack reading the first bit of each one to see if it's written in a style I can put up with, to see if the characters or story grab me, to see if it's actually good. See, with used bookstores or library book sales, just reading the back and finding it interesting is enough to get me to buy the book and if I later find that I don't like it, no problem, I'm only down a few bucks. But with the rise in cost of novels, I'm damn sure only walking out of the store with books I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy. Time consuming process though. But I weeded down my stack of, oh, a dozen or so, to only two. That works. I bought Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff and Wilderness by Dennis Danvers.

Anyway, while I was perusing my books, I happened to overhear a conversation between three rather annoying girls. They were around Junior Highschool age I think. They were talking about another girl (not present) who was into "that anime stuff." One of these ditzes said something like, "ohmygawd, don't hang out with her!" and another said "like, I KNOW, she's even in an anime club. can you believe it, there's like, even a CLUB for it!" and the last one said "geez, how stupid!" I feel sorry for these undifferentiated Valley Girl drones, I really do. I wanted to go talk to them, tell them what they're missing, and tell them what complete bitches they were being. I wanted to bash their skulls in to see if they actually had any brains. I ended up chuckling at their... what's the word? their bitchy juvenile posturing, their rigid conformity to the prevailing ethos of "coolness." God, I hope I wasn't that judgmental when I was their age. Oh well, hopefully they'll grow out of it.

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