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I don't think I'm capable of making a GIP.

Lookit the pretty icon tossblack made me! Doesn't she just rock? Yes, yes she does.

Anyway, so my first project in Allergy Class is going to be the study of Russian dwarf hamsters. They're SO SO SO incredibly cute. Cute! I could have done rats 'cause, you know, rats are like, SMART and stuff, but the dwarf hamsters are CUTE. Based on the cuteness, I chose the hamsters.

My first project in Creativity is to bring in something creative to share with the class. It feels a bit like show-and-tell from grammer school. Anyway, while other people were moaning and groaning about trying to find someting creative I was going "what, only ONE thing?" 'Cause I have MANY ideas. MANY ideas. Pictures of my mum dressed in her goddess costumes. tossblack's webcomic Featherheart. A zine. One of my own stories, or perhaps one of my world-building projects. An anime music video someone in my club has done. That cool thing Al showed me from Ebony Keep, the puzzle picture thingee. The Creative Arts Journal I worked on a couple of years ago. The Klingon Dictionary. Neopets. An RPG sourcebook and some character sheets. I could mix a CD and burn a copy for everyone in the class! SO many options! Any suggestions?

This weekend, Angel (the dog) is mine to experiment on! Mwahahahahahahah! Oh Al? Would you mind terribly if I came over and experimented on one of your kitty cats, too? *bats eyes* And, you know, hang out and do other stuff, too.

Somehow, my .mp3 of Poe's "Walk the Walk" has become corrupted. This is pain. This sucks. Must search far and wide, high and low, must find another copy and download it. 'Cause Poe ROCKS!

You know when you're licking the frozen lemonade? The lemonade from the little juiceboxes you put in the freezer? And suddenly you look down and note that for some reason it's turned a bit pink? Stop. This means that the ice has cut your tongue open in many places. That's blood. You can't feel it yet because your tongue is numb with the cold, but trust me, you want to stop. Later you'll be feeling it.

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