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What I did today:

Well, I woke up early for one thing. Why? Because sleeping is DAMN hard for me when I'm sick. Ugh. But it was okay. I had myself a nice leisurely breakfast and even got on the internet for a bit for an early morning e-mail check. Even the drive into school wasn't so bad.

Allergy Class: Cute fluffy critters! I played with the dwarf hamsters. Oh oh, and today we got to see the CUTEST little baby mice! So cute. Even the rats were rather entertaining. I still don't like the guinea pigs though. Made observations, poked and prodded, wrote stuff down.

Ethics: I wrote stuff in my not-notes notebook. Like, story stuff. I'm so bad... But it's cool, I was making a city-state. Which reminds me, is anyone else having problems with 'Cause I'm not getting any new issues. Harumph.

Creativity: ROCKED HARDCORE! People brought in all this really really cool stuff! One guy brought in a dirt cake and let us eat it. (A dirt cake looks like a plant in a pot, but on closer look you see that the "dirt" is actually chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos. Plus, he put some gummy worms around the plastic plant. Very nifty.) Another guy played us an original composition on his guitar. Christine brought the supplies and showed everyone how to make pens look like flowers. But the coolest thing was this girl who took us out to the lawn next to the Psych building and demonstrated her firedancing for us. aryx, you would have loved it! (Speaking of which, and I know you're going to Hawaii so you probably won't read this, but I'm going to give her your website address. Are you still doing photography of firedancers? Anyway, she also goes to Burning Man and told us that she and her group are putting together the first Burning Woman.) She had this hula hoop of fire and these really nifty fire fans. Awesome.

Afterwards, Christine and I went out to a Japanese restaurant near campus and ordered curry. I got REALLY spicy chicken curry, to knock down my cold, doncha know. And then on the way home I stopped in at the comics shop on a whim. Nothing much interested me, but I did buy some Young Justice for old times sake. And then I stopped at the Honda dealership and forced them to tell me how to turn off the "maintenance required" light that has been bugging me for the last seven hundred miles.

So, I had a pretty good day, even though I was sick and there were some times that I was pretty miserable dealing with my cold.
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