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The funny thing is, I don't really have any confidence in myself getting a job in the field I'm studying in. Actually, I have very little confidence in myself even being able to go on for my masters/doctorate/license/whatever. Especially after today. I learned today that California has all sorts of interesting laws that basically hobble anyone trying to become a clinical psychologist. 1500-2000 hours supervised clinical work pre-degree, 1500-2000 hourse post-degree, then testing for the license, that is, IF you can find someone willing to supervise you, which the laws make almost impossible. Nobody wants to risk it anymore since if the supervisee makes a mistake, the supervisor looses their license, AND there is no money in it AT ALL for the supervisor. This is all different on the East Coast. I could do it out there easily but around here, innundated with psychologists as we are already, it's practically all luck. Sure, I can probably get into a masters program easily enough, but then what? *sigh* I should have gone for pre-med. Or, like, computers or something. I'm going to end up with an office job I hate, I just know it.

I think I'll be a bartender. Yeah, people tell me their problems and I get to give them something usefull - alcohol.

I am so fucking disappointed in myself.

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