The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight


Yesterday, I accomplished quite a lot. I'm almost finished entering all the data for the UBER PROJECT OF DOOM at work. Seriously, it does deserve that title. A 500x120 data matrix. Yuck. Unfortunately, finishing means I was snagged to do a qualitative analysis on an older project. I have only ever done quantitative stuff before. Hope I don't screw it up! And it needs to be done this weekend. Joy.

Also, I went to one of my favorite profs for advisement. And got signatures. And Major confirmation. Then went to the student services office. And forked over cash. I HAVE APPLIED FOR GRADUATION!!! If my grad-check goes through all nice and easy, I will be graduating this year. O_O Holy shit, graduating! Aaaaaccckkk! What the fuck am I going to DO!?! Shit, now I have to worry about the GRE and applying to grad schools!

So, I ran into Ryan (tossblack, you remember him, we went around AX with him? helped him find hentai?) and we had a nice bitch session over school and life and anime and stuff.

Got home, got ready, Tsarina came over and then we went to Anime Club. Yay, anime! Good stuff. Special Engagement was a reprise of the live-action Dragonball movie. Still the most hokey movie of all time! Afterwards, we hung out in the theater talking Orlando Bloom and LotR-goodness with a bunch of the guys. When they kicked us out, we all went over to Liquid Cube and hung out in the parking lot for awhile, since it had closed early. Then we tried a local bowling alley for some midnight bowling, but it was PACKED. Tsarina and I decided to just go home. So, back at my place, I burned CDs for her and we talked into the wee hours of the morning (she didn't leave till about 4am) about RPGs and stories and fandom and slash and world-building and just stuff.

Then, well, since I was still up anyway, I joined the Battlefields chat and had fun with osanna, madame_muppet, and kissaki. Yay! Starry posted some of the chat here. Good times! I got to sleep around 6am. (Woke up at 8am for breakfast, then went back to sleep until the afternoon.)

And now, after reading this post, I have the urge to write bad crossovers. Okay, well, I'm always dreaming them up anyway, but now I want to write them...

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