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So I got off from work last night at 1am and it was raining. And then I woke up at 6:30am this morning and it was still raining. That could possibly account for my mood, but I'm thinking not.

I went to see a graduate adviser today. She basically told me that I should not have applied for graduation. See, with my grades I can skip the Masters and go straight for the Doctorate, but I missed the application deadline last month and if I go the Clinical route I need to take another class anyway. And the university will kick me out and not let me take any more classes if I graduate... thus, I must try to stop myself from graduating. O_O Does this sound weird to anyone else? So, I'll request a change in my graduation date. Harumph. More school. Gick. (Later, it will be yay!, since I like school, but now it is gick, because school administrators are stupid uncaring fuckers.)

Creativity was fun today though. We glued pictures of wild animals and a few condoms to a posterboard and called it creative. Yes. Art I say, tis art!

But tonight I have to do this HUGE FUCKING PROJECT for my boss (it is actually her project, but she has fobbed off a lot of it on me) and I DON'T WANNA!! Its going to take me at least three hours, AT LEAST, and it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. And I want to read fic. I want to read the fic that osanna recommended and the fic that kissaki recommended and I WANT TO READ THE BF SLASH ZINE THAT I'VE HAD FOR A WEEK AND HAVEN'T READ YET BECAUSE I'M SOOOOOOO BUSY!!! *pant pant*

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, thank you.

(PS: Okay, should I apply only for graduate programs in Southern California, or should I like, broaden my horizons and look nationwide? And should I apply for Clinical programs, Neuroscience programs, or both? Help!)
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