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testosterone poisoning

Dude! Initial D! Totally!

Except, apparently, I don't have episodes 25 and 26 of First Stage, or 1, 11, and 12 of Second Stage. *SCREAMS!* The files just won't work. *stabs files*

Sucks, man, just sucks.


But! TAKUMI! Natsuki so totally doesn't deserve Takumi. Natsuki is such a whore. Even when she breaks it off with her sugardaddy, she is still a whore. (Keisuke, c'mon, you know you want him, do it already!)

I forced my mum to watch the first episode of Kodomo no Omocha this morning. The horror. heheheh

Last night, I tood Al to the Anime Club with me. Heh. And I gave everyone there Cardcaptor Sakura valentines. Aren't I sweet?

Oh, and by the way, I do have a life outside of anime. See, I took my Psychoneuroimmunology exam yesterday. I think I did okay. Oh, and I spent two hours reading poetry online. Good stuff.

But otherwise, it's all about the anime.

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