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Interesting Things

This is a fascinating discussion about gender and names. Check it out!

And this one is some funny bits about why chocolate is good for you:

Also, I turned in my paper on media violence in my Abnormal Psych class today. I'm pretty sure I wrote something about how there isn't ENOUGH violence on television. Heh. I wonder what kind of grade I'll get. I won't know for another month, however, as the professor is getting married and going on his honeymoon. Awwwwwwwwww! I do hope that his replacement isn't a complete ass, though.

Whatever. No worries.

I'm slowly slogging through "Tiger Burning Bright" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey, and Andre Norton. It's not that it's a BAD book, but it's not absolutely wonderful. And from those authors, I expect wonderful.

Should I scan my Angel Sanctuary cards and put them up on my site?

Spiffy spiffy list of little-known gods:

"Overnight At The Riverside Tower" by Tu Fu, a powerful - and timely - poem that I enjoyed:

Mercedes Lackey is coming out with a new Valdemar book, this one about Skif and his early life as a thief. Skif's never been one of my favorite characters, but it still could be good. Here's hoping!

Carla Speed McNeil is SO cool! I want the new Finder trade paperback!!!

And this is one of the best Sequential Tart articles EVER:

I'm writing a new story. The main character is a 16 year old girl named Lyrie who has just achieved the status of full Keeper and has been assigned to a 12 year old, newly revealed Seer named Ihsa. Ziun, Lyrie's best friend, is an apprentice shaman of the Svehto people who is studying in Khelsp City with Lyrie. What's this all about?

From the Keeper's Manual, chapter 3:
"A Keeper understands the manifest aspects of the Etherial Plane while still being rooted deeply in the World of Flesh. A Keeper acts as the anchor to connect a Seer to the Tangible and Temporal Realm. A Seer lives more the the Spiritual World than the Physical, but like all men and women, cannot leave the World of Flesh behind completely until death. Thus, a Seer oscillates between these two Realms and needs a Keeper to keep them whole. A Keeper provides comfort and stability to his or her Seer so that the Seer may communicate necessary information gathered on the Etherial Plane to people in need of such knowledge. Keepers bind themselves to their Seers and seek to understand their minds totally, to the point that sometimes only the Keeper can reach them."

"The qualities of a Keeper: empathy, practicality, devotion, understanding. These are the foundation on which is built the sanity of a Seer."

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