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Kill, Gloomy Bear, kill! I've always known that cute pink things were evil (especially bunnies).

I want one of these shirts. A lot. It'll go with my "Stop Global Warming" t-shirt. So I can pretend to all political activist-y and shit. Eh, who am I kidding, I'll always have more shirts with anime slogans.

Did you know you can read all of Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories online? Unbearably cool! I'm still on A Study in Scarlet, but soon, soon! And I really like what I've read so far. Yay!

tossblack, you were looking for Flash games and the like, right? Well, I've got one for you. Its, um, rather disgusting, but whatever. Poo Warrior!

Isa Gordon is so cool. Her Psymbiote is a totally awesome concept! Read through her illustrated online lecture and marvel at the thought-provoking content, the ideas about our changing interface with the world. So cool. And this is also utterly creative. I want to do something like it now.

"Absinthe? Never heard of it. But sure, I'll try some..."

Don't get me wrong, I like Britain a lot. Its just a bit sad how their imperial policies have screwed up the world. Good article, makes me think about stuff.

The Idea of Michael Jackson's Dick

I love this site. Oh yes. I see many of these definitions being future sig lines.

Want to know about what exactly denial of service attacks are? Why LJ was down? And how some people can attack the attackers? Read this. Heh.

Lord of the Rings and Asian Cinema collide!!! So so so funny.

Lonely.... Burnout....

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