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New Sequential Tart issue out today! Truly is the best comics webzine out there, imho. And its really not just for girls! This month there is an interview with PTerry (although he doesn't really make a good interview subject, surprisingly, he came off kind of unfriendly), a bit on a Shaolin Kung Fu exhibition, a hilarious parody (Ecchi! The Musical!), an article on other cool (children's) fantasy novels besides the Harry Potter books, and a visit to the world of Earth-F where women dominate.

In other comics related news, I've finally received my brochure for Comic-Con International 2003. Rocks! GNeil is Guest of Honor! Want to go, want to go (really really want tossblack to go, too)! Must buy ticket soon. (Also got mailer for Anime Expo. Might go for one day. Oh, and WPA, but that doesn't count, its not a fun convention.)

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