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La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.........

A bunch of war protesters just went past the computer lab where I am right now. Shouting. In the halls. With classes going on. I applaud their efforts, but geez. At first I thought they were shouting "World wide baka!" Heh.

Also, I recently found out that my university has the largest collection of pornographic material of any research library in the country. All for "research" purposes, of course. Or something like that. Its not enough that the Valley has the largest porno-movie industry in the country, eh?

La la la la, what else shall I write about while I wait for my next class. Hmmmm... Oh! I have been writing more on my weird Highlander/LotR crossover! Not anything GOOD, you understand, but more, anyway. I've even managed to justify Methos (who is called "Mista" by the elves -- look it up!) being in Arda. See, one of the theories about Tom Bombadil is that he is from some Other place besides Ea. Like, another universe. So Methos could be, too! Um, yeah. Whatever. Something like that. Its not like this story is ever going to be posted anywhere, its just a fun thing, like my MarySue-istic Harry Potter story. And speaking of HP stories, I think I have one due at the end of this month for some fest. Well. I think I shall knock off some crappy five page piece of drek and submit it. Unless I get inspired. Inspire me, people!

What to do, what to do. Well, I COULD read some of my textbooks... if I'd brought them to school with me. Which I didn't. So I can't. I DID, however, bring a couple of novels. (Heh, yeah, screwed priorities.) Guess I could read them. Or I could just keep taking up space here in the lab, with desperate students circling the room in search of a computer to use. Yeah, I think I'll do that, torture them some more.


La la la la la, okay, what else can I talk about? Paid the extra fee the stupid school billed me with yesterday. Oh, and postponed my graduation. Still think I should become a bartender. Or even better, go to London and become a bartender. *sigh* Yeah, that would be cool...

I think I'll go read webcomics now.

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