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gratuitous quiz result post

very fucked.

what fucked version of hello kittie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I like Hello Kitty. Well, I like Sanrio. The character of Hello Kitty isn't my favorite of their line. That label is given to the UBER-CUTE Sweet Coron.

So. I have Hello Kitty merchandise. The satchel I take with me everywhere is Sanrio. Its black leather with metal studs in it and if you look VERY VERY close you can see an imprint of Badtz-Maru. And I have a Sweet Coron pencil box. And a Sweet Coron plushie. And a Sweet Coron money tin. And Sweet Coron stickers. And a Chococat notpad. But thats it! No, Sanrio has not rotted my brain, really!

In high school, I SNEERED at the pinkness of Sanrio stores. I NEVER sat foot in one. I was GOTH, baby! (Not really, but something like that.) Now, I am into the cute. The cute rules me. I blame two things: 1) anime and 2) Neopets. Yes.

And I am happy that I got Goth!Hello Kitty. Heh.

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