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I'm tired...

Yesterday, I did the school thing. Then after the school thing I went to Al's place and we hung out and did some work on our picture-poem thingee. It's really cool! It's coming together so beautifully! Yes. And we also went online and ordered elf ears. O_O I think I was caught up in the moment. *points wildly* It's all her fault! Heh. But we're going to dress up as elves (or possibly hobbits) for ComicCon. Yay! But then afterwards I had to go to work. Ugh. And it went overtime so I didn't get home until 1:20am.

So this morning I had a LOT of trouble dragging myself out of bed. So tired. Was tired all day. But I went to this lecture (Tim Weiss) about power and race and Iraq and stuff and it was really really good. Very powerful and dynamic speaker. After I got done with today's school thing, I took the kids out to the movies as I promised. Agent Cody Banks had some moments of cover-my-eyes-and-hum-in-embarassment and plot holes you could drive a semitruck through, but it was cute and fun. Of course, I missed chunks as both kids had to go to the bathroom. Yeah.

And now I'm home and have time to play on the internet (must check GoR) and I'm just so so so tired! Sleep soon.

Oh, and Starry-wan, I love you! *hugs*

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