The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

La de da de da! This is the total shit! Too funny for words. Oh yeah, baby, I'm fucking with you....

Heh, sorry, had to be done.


Yesderday, in class, we made funny hats. See, I get all the way to senior-level courses and then we go back to preschool. Isn't Psych just the coolest major ever? I made a sheepherding hat. That is, it had three sheep on it and the words "SLEEPY SHEEP". ^_^ Yay!

I'm really tired right now. I want to go home. *sigh* Today I had to slog across campus twice because I forgot a signature on my financial aid form. Grr.

I've been thinking... I need to name my brain. Well, not the one inside my head of course, but the one I'm dissecting in Psychoneuroimmunology. It's a sheep's brain, by the way. Just can't get away from the sheep. But it needs a name. George? Naw, too common. Rodrick? Mm, a possibility, but not quite right. Right now it's just called #5. It needs a better name, don't you think? I mean, I've carressed it's mammillary bodies, I've fondled it's superior colliculus, I've stroked it's arbor vitae, I should know it's name! Clarise? Hmm. Well, any suggestions? I'm going to bring my camera in and take pictures of it. Yeah.

Today, I skipped out on a talk on statistical analysis to go to the mall with oshunanat. Even though I was very very tired. I bought cute cute cute CUTE Sweet Coron stationary and stickers at the Sanrio store. Hee~! We went to the The Oaks mall. It's a pretty good mall, all considered. After all, it DOES have a cart set up for manga and anime. And you know what else they have? A cart where you can buy pet crabs, with nifty plastic shells in neon colors. No lie. Weird, eh? Yeah, The Oaks is pretty cool, but not as cool as Northridge mall. Northridge has everything (except crabs). Biiiiggg mall. Although, I'm still nostalgic for the Fallbrook mall. *sigh* I miss Fallbrook. I could WALK the Fallbrook from home. And it had a cool comics shop. I knew that mall was going downhill when the comics shop closed. Topanga mall is okay, and good for the needful and necessary stuff. It has a California Pizza Kitchen, which is always good. The Promanade is only good for it's theater. The rest of that mall is too upscale -- I can't buy anything in the shops! What's always struck me as funny is the fact that Topanga and The Promanade are only about half a mile from each other (and Fallbrook is only about two miles away from both). But that's the Valley for you -- malls malls everywhere!

And, omg, I just spent precious journal space talking about malls. Huh, I really AM a Valley Girl. *facepalms*

I like that. I can use "*facepalms*" now. Aren't you proud of me, Starry-wan? Soon, I shall even be able to use the phrase "it cannot be bourne!" with equal ablomb. Rocks. Heh.

I shall check GoR really quick now, and if all goes well, I'll go home soon and sleep. Sleep, yay!

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