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You know how I like to relax? I like to go to a small hotel and take heroin. Just lay on the bed and feel my bowels slowly unclench. I like to lay on the bed, naked, with my guts oozing on to the sheets, nodding out and watching The Fashion Channel. All those skeletal smacked-out girls. The faces of angels and the bodies of Ethiopians. Heroin angels, strutting around for me. With Enya playing. They play a lot of Enya on The Fashion Channel. Great regiments of heroin angels lined up in endless long dressing rooms elegantly banging smack between their delicate toes to the soundtrack of "Robin Of Sherwood". A million perfect lips part as the heroin transforms in their scented bloodstreams, and they rise as one, drifting gracefully through morphine orgasms. Walking around for me on my television as I go slowly blind, the continual popping of tiny blood vessels in my eyes making new-age bell-like sounds in my inner ear.

I am as beautiful as them, and you are to ignore the rabbit droppings steaming on my bed: interior chocolates placed on the pillow by the solicitous maids of my bowel.

I get up and dance, scattering the gifts of my intestines across the Edwardian carpet, ignoring the shrieking of the housekeepers and the priest they called in.

"Phone DC Comics," I sing to them. "It's all in the contract."

-- W

And, I <3 Aragorn. Unrealistic, indeed. *snorts*

AND OMG, I JUST REALIZED THAT I WILL BE IN VANCOUVER FOR FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!!!!!! AAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Sucks! Quick, I need to find out where there are comics shops in Vancouver. *weeps* Oh, the calamity...


reina did this a bit ago and I thought I would, too...

Except for people who have just one icon or none at all. Sorry.

imperatrixfic Mmmm, yummy Domlijah. Pretty pretty boys. Yeah.

antigone921 The icon that made me friend this person, just so I could see it on a regular basis... and shudder. It makes me cringe and giggle and think of Starkiller.

aryx Cute kitty.

auteurauthor Mmmm, books....

basingstoke Yeah, baby, 'cause it's all about the porn! And Michael Rosenbaum as a girl is hot.

bfslash Interesting.

damoyre 'Cause Wufei is my favorite. I did have trouble chosing between this one and Duo-and-gay-phone-sex, though.

ms_maree Gabrielle looks so cute! And every time I see this, I am reminded that I really did like Xena: Warrior Princess and I should really try to watch some episodes again sometime...

eleveninches Hee~! Although, I almost went with the Elrond one.

elite_stoat Although, knowing this chickie, by next week this icon will be gone, replaced by something else anime-ish. Hmm.

gerebegilarecs The kittens were cute, but this one has STYLE.

gilascave Because it's Spike! And Giles! Drinking tea! And I just love the expressions on their faces.

guingel Yeah.

jmtorres I have a fondness for Tara. And this is just a sexy picture. I did have a lot of trouble deciding between this one and the "restrain me" icon, though.

journalkitten Because, for some reason, I find these owls very disturbing. I liked "lornebot" too.

kissaki Sparkly! Although, really, tough choice -- love 'em all.

madame_muppet Heh. Cute!

meiran Yay! I just love this. Happy smile, folks, happy smile!

sarahtales Total indecision! I eventually chose this one over the Legolas one because, well, I'm more into LotR nowadays. That didn't make sense. Oh well!

mizzy2k 'Cause every time I see it, it takes me awhile to think "oh! Dark is Rising!" rather than "X-Men."

nora_charles The best cat expression ever.

osanna Heh. Hehehehehehe.

oshunanat Peter Wingfield. Dear god, the SMIRK!!!


reina CUTEST ICON EVER!!!! I just want to know what it's from!!

silensy Hehehe. Gandalf. The pose. The boomstick! Ha!

snaples Scary! I miss some of her old icons though.

spacetart The wink. The confidence. The whimsey. I like Doujima.

tckma It is cryptic, yet somehow profound. What does it REALLY mean...? (Yes, it's a license plate. But I want it to be more.)

tenebraeli I almost went for the the One Ring icon, but this one had Cute!Pippin and I could not resist...

tonynore Jay and Silent Bob! From my favorite of the Viewaskew movies, Mallrats! Doing their Batman & Robin impression, in the slashiest manner possible! Dude!

tossblack Very hard decision. I also love her current Default, "calm," and the Shiny! "yatta."

umbramancy Mystery...

unfitforsociety Pretty. Windy.

viridian5 Another one where it was hard to choose just one. But this one, pretty, yet freaky. Good stuff.

wereadshite It just seems to me to embody imagination and dreaming, which is fanfic, which is appropriate.

zortified Cute stuffed creature! Yay!

Gee, that took a long time.

I have my brain practicum tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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