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Last Night

I had LOTS of fun last night.

A friend and I dressed up and went to the Santa Monica Blvd. Carnaval in West Hollywood. 400,000 people there. Really really REALLY cool costumes.

Here you can see just a few of the fabulous costumes I saw there. Below are costumes made of bubblewrap!!!

This one is very patriotic. And next to them... something glowing.

These cops got into the spirit of things with a pony-girl. Cops and bondage; yay!

Waiting in line at a grocery store to use the bathroom. I thought it appropriate that the line went through the toilet tissue aisle.

There were 5 stages there and we got to see a lot of bands. This is a picture of a band called The Romantics.

And we danced. A lot. My feet hurt. And it was REALLY crowded. But totally fun!

Anyway, I just loved seeing all the costumes, especially the more outrageous ones. And the drag queens -- gotta love the drag queens. If I go back next year, I'll have to wear a spiffy, more elaborate costume. But no pony-girl get up. I can be extreme, but not THAT extreme. :-)

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