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You know what I want!?! Logan's Run slash, 'cause -- yeah! It was SO TOTALLY THERE. Francis LOVED Logan. That's why he was so pissed when Logan seemingly betrayed the Sandmen! C'mon, there NEEDS to be Logan's Run slash. I mean, psychedelic 60's free-love movie = slash.

Wheeeee~! *twirls about*

Gimme a "W"! Gimme an "H"! Gimme an "E E E E E E E E"! Yay, wheeeeeee!

(I was momentarily severly depressed a few minutes ago when I learned about the Iraqi mob destroying millenia of historical treasures. But after a good cry, I am now bouncing off the walls again. I AM Bipolar Girl!)

The boss just called, wants me to cover the late shift on Tuesday. Shh, I'm not here! *creeps away*

Poing! See me not doing homework! The problem is, I have to do homework on the computer. And the computer is connected to the internet. And the internet has SO MANY WONDERFUL things on it! ME LOVES INTERNET! My preciousss...

I miss guingel. *tears up* She's gone, gone! She went AAAAAWWWWWAAAAAYYYYY~! Wah! I was going through back lj entries and I noticed how much I talked to her. But now she never posts! (Damn, I think she got a life. Sucks.) I am sad. I am very very sad. Sadness rules me. Woe, my life is filled with woe. Woe, I say, WOE!

Okay. I downloaded the intro clip from the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, which inspired me to re-read zortified's wonderful RG fic, which leaves me craving more. MORE! Now! Gimme recs! I demand recs!

You know what would make a totally kick-ass songvid? An overview of Inu Yasha set to "Trip Like I Do" by Crystal Method. Seriously, it would work, just look at the intro!
Another World
Another Time
In The Age Of Wonder
Another World
Another Time
This Land Was Green & Good
Until The Crystal Cracked
Once More
They Will Replenish Themselves
Cheat death again
The Power Of Their Source
The Crystal

See? Totally works!

Oh, hey, I should check Gap of Rohan. No, no I must resist! Must do homework! Aww, who am I kiddin'? *goest to check GoR*
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