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Anime club last night with Tsarina was fun! Episode 22 of Excel Saga was, heh, it was yaoi-fantastic! Hysterical.

I spent several hours this morning straightening out my paper for WPA. It took me two hours to do the References alone! I spent so much time on it, in fact, that I lost track of time and didn't get out the door soon enough to see my monkeys at the zoo. *shrugs* Oh well, I can always collect my data later, but... After sending off the paper to the graduate student who is second author on it for a final go-over, I decided to take a nap. About an hour and a half into the nap, the grad student called me. I was mostly asleep throughout the conversation. He probably thinks I'm depressed or on drugs or something now. So, he corrected some things and told me I need to rewrite the last paragraph and that he didn't have the numbers for Figure 1, check the office. I basically said "yeah... uh huh... zzzz". *giggle* Oh well.

Dinner tonight was Chinese and a donut for dessert! Yay!

Twenty hours for a download!?! Well, I guess I could leave my computer on overnight... geez. Ah, I shouldn't complain, I'm getting good stuff here. Good ILLEGAL stuff. Heh. I'm bad. Spank me.

I feel the need to make a new icon, however, I have no Photoshop skills. Alsedies, or ANYONE, please tell me how to put an outline around text so it doesn't blend into the background! Oh, and how to make borders. I've tried doing what the online tutorials say to do, but so far no luck. Want icon. *pouts*

Frodo is all worried because Pippin sent Samwise on an assassination mission. Heh. He's so cute! *hugs Frodo* Also, The History of Glorfindel of Gondolin and Rivendell is up to five pages now. Someday I'm going to post this sucker to GoR and everyone is going to know Glorfy's life story. Heh. I'm so obsessed...

Wah! Spring break is almost over! I don't feel like I had a vacation! I had work to do every single day! Sucks. I haven't finished all my papers and projects yet, either. Humph.
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