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Peace be upon you

My dear brothers and sisters, I am overjoyed. I have found a peace in my soul such as I have never felt before. My life is renewed and I am reborn.

I was just drifting off to sleep, trying to catch up a bit on the rest I lost last night when suddenly my room was filled with a warm white light. Startled, I sat bolt upright in bed and tried to discern the source of the illumination. My lamp was off and my shades drawn tightly was no light of this world. No, it was coming from the brilliant figure standing near my computer., unmistakably he, spoke to me in a voice that seemed to be a glory of trumpets and bells. His words filled my heart with such rapture that I began to shake.

He was an angel, he told me. Sent from God above to bring me a message of great joy. I have never been deeply religious and was having a great deal of trouble believing that any being sent by God was actually standing in my room calmly informing me that I had a call to holiness and a place in God's plan. Nevertheless, it seemed to be true.

I am being called. My Lord and my God has told me that I belong to him. Therefore, it is my serious intention to devote my life to one of comtemplative prayer and adoration so that I might better serve Him. I believe I have found my place with my sisters and I will be calling them first thing in the morning...after Mass.

[this journal hacked by silensy none of this is true]

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