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GoR, WPA, work, school, Vancouver, JRRT, health insurance, clothes shopping

Hahahahahah, hahahahahaha! Snerk. Gap of Rohan rocks my world.

Speaking of which, since I am leaving for the conference tomorrow and will be gone for, eh, five days, I need to stash my characters somewhere. Glorfy is going to go see Gilraen (motheroftheking) and she is going to put him into a coma. :-P Before that, Pippin is going to be arrested and spend the next five days in jail. And Arwen is going to find out about the little kiss Aragorn and Legolas shared and is going to throw things around and then go off to a tower to sulk, write bad poetry, and play with her knives. Think that'll work? Hm, hopefully.

Alas, alack, no internet for many days, how will I be able to stand it?! (Maybe I could find one those internet cafes...)

I am so very very tired right now. Very tired. I didn't get home from work until about 1:45am last night and then I had to wake up very early this morning to write papers. I had planned to write them at work, but my goodness, we had a lot of calls last night! I basically had a phone glued to my ear the whole time, except for the blessed few moments when I was able to put the lines on hold. So, had to write papers this morning.

Am doing laundry. Will pack soon. Among my things I'll be taking my Psychoneuroimmunology book, as I have an exam the first day I'm back. Who knows, I might even study it! I also have the big term paper due in Comparative a few days after I get back, will try to work on that in Vancouver, too.

Speaking of Vancouver, is there, like, anything I should visit while I'm there? I haven't been there in many many years. Like, ten years. Possibly more. And where are the good used book shops and comic book shops in Vancouver? (I'm still a bit tiffed that I'll be missing Free Comics Day. *pouts* And the premier of X-Men 2!)

In other news, I am finally up to the part of The Silmarillion where Men appear! Yay!

My health insurance runs out in five days, on my birthday. ;_; All the coverage stuff I've looked at is muy expensive. ;_; $160 a month. ... Would it be really bad it I just went uninsured? *sigh* Yeah, probably. I'll fill out the forms tonight and send them off before I hop on the plane tomorrow.

Speaking of money, today I went clothes shopping! I needed to get some professional-ish clothes for the conference. I ended up getting pretty things. I'm really quite surprised at myself. Traditionally, I HATE clothes shopping. Hate hate hate. But it was okay and I bought... frilly, girly things. Things that weren't black! O_O Almost unprecedented! Very strange. Well, okay, I did buy some black things, but I also got shirts in other colors. Green. Blue. Wow. And they have frilly sleeves and stuff. Seriously, this is odd. I usually dress in very gender-neutral stuff, jeans and t-shirts mostly. Girly shirts, who woulda thunk it?

Um, um, I think I've run out of things to babble about. ^_^

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