The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee

You people are crazy! And you have no lives! All these POSTS!!! Aaaargh. I will NOT read all these back LJ Friends posts and Blurty GoR posts! No, I won't! *spends a couple of hours reading back posts* Heh.

Oh, and Hey!!!. *mutters* Making fun of the psychology... IS a science... know more about the freakin' scientific method and statistical analysis than any FIVE bio majors...

Psychology rocks. The conference was pretty groovy. (Yesh, I sound like Aragorn.) I went to a couple of symposiums and several poster presentations. My presentation was on Thursday afternoon, so after that I was basically free. It went well, I think. Nobody asked me any questions about my research that I couldn't answer, and several people complemented me. ^_^ Yay! *pets poster* And about two dozen people even asked for a copy of my paper! Whee!

Some Big Name psychos, *ahem*, I mean, PSYCHOLOGISTS were there. Phil Zimbardo. Heh. In my research group, there is a joke that he's the devil. And he gave a talk on the psychology of evil. Which fit, we thought. But the talk was VERY interesting. I wish he'd provided transcripts. Um, um, yeah, there were other Important People there, too, but I forgot them. *brightly* But anyway, I got lots of research papers and studies to read! Yippee!

And Vancouver was awesome. I wish I lived there. I wish I were Canadian!!! I want to be Canadian!!! Canadians rock!

I'll post about the non-businessy aspects of my visit to Vancouver later. *goes back to reading GoR posts on Blurty*

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