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Not working on my papers, la la la la la!

Funnily enough, I seem to think that if I do not sign on to AIM, then I will actually write the two papers I have due tomorrow. This is not happening, because there is just so much to do on my computer/on the internet other than homework. In my Human Factors class today, the professor commented about how most people use the internet mainly to find information, not for entertainment. o_O Does that mean I'm weird? 'Cause, duh, I spend WAY more time entertaining myself on the computer (somehow that just sounded off. no, I'm NOT talking about pay-for-porn sites. I mean, really, why pay? :-P) than looking up info. Hmm.

Frankly, Arwen is creeping me out a bit. She thinks Legolas cutting himself for her is the most romantic thing EVER. And Glorfy is being all weird and childlike. I kinda wanted Amnesiatic!Glorfindel to run away and join a rock band, but the tears got to him. Oh, and wasn't Roger just the cutest little balrog ever!?! Haha. Pippin is still in jail. The other hobbits don't post. ;_; Oh, and Doc Franklin doesn't quite know what to say, nor does Billy Boyd. I need to get my muses working on them, I am being terribly lax when it comes to those RPGs. ... Wow. Five characters in three RPGs. I blame you all for that, you know.

I am in that state of blah that comes around this time of the semester. You know, the burn-out blah. Blah blah blah. I am not caring about my grades. On Monday, I had a seriously important test in Psychoneuroimmunology and I kinda bombed it because of the blah. I was going to study up in Vancouver, but eh. And I was going to study on the plane ride home, but this cute little kid was sitting next to me and I ended up playing cards with him and trying to keep him from spilling his soda. Oh well.

And speaking of Vancouver, I did some, well, some REALLY FUN STUFF up there. I was bad and ditched quite a bit of the conference. Um. I'm not going to post about it yet, though, because I want to tell a few people about it in RL first. Heh.

After class on Tuesday, Christine and I went out to dinner at Chili's. ^_^ Very fun. She's not my usual sort of friend (ie - into fandom), but a great gal nevertheless. Then I went to work. An early shift, finally! Actually, I think I prefer the late shift after finally working the early one, even though the late shift gets more calls. *shrugs* After work I went to the library to photocopy journal articles I needed for one of the papers that is due tomorrow (that I still haven't even started writing).

I am still in the process of catching up on back LJ Friends entries. Wow, I'm gone a few days and miss a lot. Oh, and I've not managed to restrain myself from looking at the X2 spoilers. Sounds like an utterly awesome movie, I MUST go see it soon. Maybe Sunday morning, since on Saturday Alseides and I are going to the Renaissance Faire (in garb, of course). Hey, does anyone want to go with us? Tsarina, Carrie, anyone else around here?
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