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Please forgive my political ranting.

Long live the other America, and may this one pass away soon. God, I wish I were Canadian. Or maybe British. Hey, I hear Australia is nice! And why limit myself to English-speaking countries, I could move to Japan! Or Germany! Or France (excpet that if I did, I would probably be comitting treason or something... *stabs Bush and idiot American Congress*).

God I'm depressed. I hate my country. Everyone hates us.

There is hope, however. Have you heard about the Texas Democrats? They so totally rock! Rock! Wow, and I was just joking last Saturday that I didn't like Texas because it reminded me of hell -- hot and full of Christians.

Whatever, I want these cards so I can put them up on my wall and throw darts at them.

(By the way, still apathetic, despite my seemingly-fiery vitriol against my "duly elected" -- Ha! -- government.)
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