The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

The "my character" meme.

I chose a character that I have written fanfic for, but who is mostly a voice at the back of my head (and who has several notebooks full of my stories about him, which I've never bothered to actually write up). Hey, it could have been worse, I could have written about Deadpool, the only character that I consistently hallucinate! Oh well, hope I did it right.

My Robin

He thinks of Batman and Nightwing as family.

But is really glad that Batman isn't really his dad.

Although actually, he doesn't care for his real dad anyway.

He misses his mom, though.

And in a weird way, back at the beginning of his training, he sort of saw Shiva as a mother-figure.

A weird, incestuous, sexualized mother-figure who could kill him at any time.

He thinks that he was probably screwed up before getting the Bat gig, but it sure hasn't helped any.

Which is why it'll probably never work out between him and Spoiler.

There can only be one really damaged person in a relationship for it to work.

Maybe with Superboy, though...

But he's not gay.

Those naughty dreams about Nightwing? No relavence.

It would appear that he has some odd kinks about incest, though, since he thinks of Nightwing as a brother, but can also imagine him naked.

It is true that the imagining him naked part was inspired by him accidently intruding on Nightwing and Arsenal fucking... and staying to watch.

At least he doesn't want Batman.

That would be so, so wrong.

And Batman's not gay, anyway.

Except that he sometimes sees those steamy looks between Batman and Superman and he has to wonder.

And it doesn't help that everyone seems to think that Batman is some kind of pervert for taking on and training young boys all the time.

He wonders where people get these kinds of ideas.

Probably from the same place that he gets his ideas about the creative uses of batarangs.

He is so going to hell.

Which is actually kind of probable, considering the career path he's chosen in the superhero field.

He's almost resigned to the fact that he won't be quiting with the superheroing eventually, like he had told himself he would.

But he is not going to let himself end up like Batman.

So maybe he should work on his relationship to Spoiler.

Or perhaps... ask Superboy if he wanted to have lunch together sometime?

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