The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

singin' do a ditty ditty dum ditty do!

Whee~! I'm reading crappy LotR-crossovers because the Evil Project Of Doom is done done done and I only have one final left and I don't have to study for it, so yay!

In the world of the not-so-yay, I still have no health insurance and I didn't get my first choice job. Oh well.

Today, I was baaaaaaad. I bought books. Heh. Um, pretty books, yes? Borders is evil. Buy two, get the third for half price, so of course I had to buy three. EVIL. I got two manga, volume 1 of Demon Diary and volume one of FAKE. The other book I bought is a present so I can't talk about it. Shhh! (And it's uber-cool and I kinda want to keep it for myself, but...)

It was a Smog Alert day. Grody awful yuck brown sky. I couldn't see across the valley for the smog. Gross. Cough-inducing, which was not appreciated since I have a cold. And it was hot. Yuck.

My Comparative final today was perhaps the hardest final I've ever taken. Six full-length analytical essays integrating concepts we learned thoughout the class -- in two hours. EVERYONE ran out of time, and by the end of it my writing hand hurt something fierce, my vision was blurring and I never ever ever want to think about the sexual behavior of rats or chick imprinting ever again. Ugh.

I have too many books to read! They're stacked as high as an elephant's eye! Eek!

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