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I got my new shoes today! You can sort of see what they look like from a pic I posted in a previous entry, if you care to go take a peek. I like them. :)

On the way back from picking the order up, I saw a guy strumming his guitar while driving down the freeway! Eek!!!!!

Tonight I went to meet with my research group at Borders and ran into Erisbeth again. I like talking to her and we always seem to wind up at the same places. Weird!

After my meeting ended, I stayed at the store to look at books, specifically manga collections. My friend tossblack is always telling me how cool CLAMP is, so I picked up some of their stuff to read in the store. "X/1999" is neat. Kind of hard to keep all of the characters straight, but by the end of four collections, I had an idea of what was going on. Kamui is a pretty jerk who has the power to save or destroy the world. Now I'm sorry I couldn't stay up late enough in the anime rooms at Comic Con to see more than the opening sequence of the anime based on it.

And I also read the first three collections of "Cardcaptor Sakura". That has some crazy relationships in it!!! But... so cute, so cute, wah! Wah!


Um, sorry, chibi fangirl moment there. Heh.

There was fog driving back. Oh, and it was raining earlier. And that was my day. Ta!

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