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Finals are over! Yippee! I'm still sick. Boo.

Played with Alseides yesterday. *huggles*

Went out for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant with Christine. *luffs Christine madly* Tried to convince her to read X-Men comics. No luck.

You stole this from: eleveninches

With the coolest username: spacetart

With the coolest userpics: Hmm. It fluctuates. You know how people put up and take down new icons all the time. Currently, I think that jmtorres, silensy, and madame_muppet have the coolest, but in the past kissaki and osanna have had some pretty nifty icons. And elite_stoat. Um. I like icons. Pretty.

With the cutest username: journalkitten

With the coolest layout: Toss up between meiran, kissaki, madame_muppet, osanna (although I liked the One Ring background better), tenebraeli, and tossblack. Especially tenebraeli and tossblack.

Most likely to comment in your journal: Hmm. tossblack and osanna.

You last added: Uh. sarahtales. I think. Or maybe gerebegilarecs.

You first added: oshunanat and tossblack.

Who seems to be on ALL your friends' lists: ivyblossom, hautemonde, hermorrine

What's the longest you've gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up: Uh, about two week? Maybe?

What's the longest you've gone without reading LJ since you discovered it: Mmm, about five days.

How many of your LJ friends do you know in "real life": oshunanat, silensy, and tossblack, so three.

Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ: Tough call. Maybe teluekh. auteurauthor seems pretty insightful. I think that all my Friends are pretty smart. I wouldn't be friends with them otherwise. :-P

Have you ever wanted to meet someone from LJ: Of course. >:D<

Whose journal do you enjoy reading the most: Another tough call! I enjoy reading all of them, otherwise they wouldn't be on my Friends list, but. Hm. minkboylove is a total riot to read. I really admire her skill with words.

Which one do you admire: osanna. I am her minion, I worships the great Starkiller! Also, I admire tossblack and snaples for their l33t art skillz. I admire jmtorres's fandomness and vidding, viridian5's writing ability, zortified's energy for fandom and her writing ability, madame_muppet's enthusiasm, etc. I could go on. I admire lots of things about all my friends.

Which one has an attitude problem: elite_stoat. She said I was funny lookin. Heh. Nah, I'm just joshing ya. *hugs Savvie*

Which one is the funniest: I often bust a gut laughing over minkboylove's entries.

Which one is the sweetest: guingel.

Which one can you trust the most: tossblack.

Which one do you know the best: tossblack.

Which one are you most likely to have a crush on: madame_muppet because she is HOT HOT HOT (as a blonde OR as a redhead). :-P Also, osanna, tossblack, machiavellian, one_rising_star, um, and everyone else on my Friends list. Seriously.

Who's the prettiest/cutest: tossblack. Heh. And I have, like, a gazillion pictures to prove it! :-P And osanna. She's cute.

Who's the tallest: Well, I don't rightly know. But I'd guess... machiavellian. She just READS as tall to me. Or mabye zortified. Oh, and I know that silensy is the tallest of all the ones I actually know for sure about.

Who's the shortest: Dunno.

Who's the oldest: Also don't know.

Who's the youngest: It's either reina or guingel, neither of whom have reached their majority.

Who do you see the most: tossblack.

Who do you talk to most online: Lately, madame_muppet and teluekh, but also machiavellian, diana_wolf, osanna, and tossblack.

Prettiest couple: Um.

Prettiest hair: Either osanna or madame_muppet.

Most like you: Hmm. tossblack, I think.

Ones you'd like to get to know: All of them!!!

The following is a True Story:

SCENE: Classroom right before final starts.

Cloudie (ME): *is fondling her necklace*
Classmate (C): What's that?
ME: What?
C: Your necklace.
ME: Oh, it a special necklace that my goddess gave me.
C: *looks at me funny*
C: You're goddess?
ME: *seriously* Yes, my goddess, the great and terrible Osanna, known as the Starkiller.
C: I didn't know that you were... what religion is that?
ME: I worship the Starkiller.
C: Um.
ME: She is wise and powerful and I will be by her side when she comes to rule the world.
C: You're joking, right?
ME: No.
C: Yeah, you have to be joking.
ME: I'm not. I just wish I could move to Australia to be with her.
C: Australia?
ME: Yes. Alex is moving to Australia to be with her, I want to, too.
C: Oh my god, you're in a cult!

Heh. Keep 'em guessing, that's what I always say! Back in high school I made up my own pantheon of gods and I actually convinced at least one person that I really worshiped them. Hehehehe.
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