August 7th, 2001

alone on a swing

Why the Cloudtrader is broke...

Ah, summer. That time of year when classes are minimal, pool parties are frequent, gas prices soar, and friends come home. Ah, summer -- the most expensive time of year. At least for me, anyway.

Tossblack, I know you're sighing over your empty pockets, but they're empty for good reason! You went to Britain! And got a new monitor! Wow!

My pockets are empty for similar reasons. First, in the beginning of summer, there was the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. A yearly do for me and my friends, I've been to the Ren Faire at least once a summer for most of my life. Costumed, too. And that costs money.

Second, summer school. The registration and parking fees aren't so bad, but fucking hell!, college bookstores are trying to begger us with outrageous text prices! More money.

Then I got a cell phone. Yeah, yeah, I know I've always said that cell phones (along with Pokemon and Starbucks) are tools of the forces of evil. Bite me. Someone stole my soul WAAAAAAY back in high school and hasn't given it back yet.

Then there was Anime Expo. Thanks, Oshunanat, for dragging me there, by the way. Got me a spiffy Gundam Wing t-shirt and a sketch and some music and two mangas. Fun... but costly.

Not as costly, however, as the San Diego Comics Con. Whew!, that was fun! Four days surrounded by my fellow comics geeks, staying in a room with five other people, watching anime till past midnight, costumes, comics... I had the greatest time! But, ah, by the last day I had run out of cash and had to use my credit card. But it's okay! I'm still good (although my bank account has dropped to it's lowest since LAST summer).

A few days ago, my cell phone bill came. Eep!

And then the DMV sent me a bill. Registration fee, vehicle license fee, and county fees. Meep!

And I had to pay for my passport, which reminded me that I really should be saving money for that trip to Italy I have planned in two months.

Now, I really don't begrudge any of the money I spent. I've had an EXCELLENT time this summer (math class nonwithstanding -- oh, and by the way, I failed the final). All money well spent. Bills and such are just part of being an adult ("...I don't wanna grow up...") and I'm sure I'll learn to live with them and taxes (who's FICA and what the hell's he doing with my money!).

So, a new book store finally opened up nearby and I went to apply for a job. There were, however, twenty people who had applied before me, so I doubt I'll get it. And no way in HELL am I working in that dusty, hot comic book store again. I wouldn't mind working for the government again (just call me a cubicle dweller!) but the commute was killer. I was thinking about tutoring. Anthropology, history, english, sociology, psychology. All subjects I've taken more than one class in and gotten A's for.

Anyway, whatever job I get, I better get it soon. I need to feed my comics habit, after all.