August 17th, 2001

alone on a swing

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I slept all day. No, really, I'm serious. I got up around noon for a shower and breakfast, and then I went back to sleep. Woke up at five. Did the zombie-in-front-of-tv thing for two hours.

I WAS planning on going to school today to buy my books and request my transcripts, but... Well, needless to say, I never made it. It's okay, though. Classes start again on Monday; I'll just buy my books then. And I'll just pay the extra $5 to put a rush on my transcripts.

It's kind of odd, but about once a month I'll do this sleep-away-the-day thing. Hey, whatever, it works for me.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm having lunch with my dad. Two weekends in a row - a record! We're just going out to eat though, not all the way to Ojai. Afterwards, I'm spending some quality time fondling the books at the library and then I get to babysit my sister's kids. Rah. It's actually easier to do now that I've got them hooked on NeoPets. Between NeoPets and the Saturday night line-up on the Food Network, I should be okay.

Then on Sunday, me and my friends are going to the Huntington Library for tea. Should be fun.

Aaaaaaaaaah, my last days of freedom before a new semester starts! I only had a week!