September 14th, 2001

alone on a swing

I have no mouth, yet I must scream...

Tossblack says I need to update my journal. If Tossblack says it, it must be so. All hail Tossblack!

I've been doing nothing much but reading funny comic strips for the last several days in between watching the news. Sigh.

School was closed Wednesday. It was surreal.

I had an exam (my professor calls them "opportunities") in Behavioral Neuroscience yesterday. Cell cycle, cell cycle, rah rah rah! Patterns of inheritance, sis boom bah!

I had an exam in Abnormal Psychology today. It was supposed to have been on Wednesday, but... Anyway, I think I overstudied for it because I was done in twenty minutes and it didn't seem all that hard. All it covered was over two thousand years psychological thought from Hippocrates to Virtual Reality therapy. No big. Heh. Next week we start getting into the cool stuff, like schizophrenia and paraphilias and trichotillomania. Yay!

The quiz in History of American Women yesterday was a bit harder. Why were so many chicks in the 17th century named Anne and Margaret? Grr.

My Statistics exam was postponed until Tuesday.

Donated money to the relief effort. Why don't I feel relief?

I really need to buy myself a copy of the DSM-IV-TR, but it's really expensive. Whatever. Maybe my daddy will buy it for me...? Hmm, something to think about.

The organizers are optimistic about our chances of actually getting to Italy in two weeks. Hopefully, the airports will be fully up and running by then. Hopefully.

Monday night I watched episodes 1-6 of Yami no Matsuei. Really really really cool! Total yummy yaoi goodness! Gotta love those pretty boys! And it had neato dragons and fire birds and tiger spirits, too!

Been reading the copy of "Maybe (Maybe Not): Second Thoughts from a Secret Life" by Robert Fulghum that I bought last Saturday after seeing "The Musketeer" with Oshunanat and Tossblack. Pure soul-food. It's as good as I remembered. Glad I bought it.

Tomorrow I will brave the Freeway of Hell to visit Tossblack at her dorm. We're going to build us a world! Yay for umbramancy!

I didn't feel like going to the comics shop on Wednesday, because, well... Anyway, I did go today. This is what I bought: The Authroity #26, Transmetropolitan #49, Spider-Girl #38, Nightwing #61, Impulse #78, and Silke #4.
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