September 25th, 2001

alone on a swing

Some people think God is like tapioca pudding.

I'm 40% goth, 40% alternative, and 25% trendy. Yay. Rah.

It was really really hot today. Like, scortching, fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot. Ick. Our server overheated and started making that blip-blip-blip noise that lets you know you better turn it off or the silicone is gonna seperate. We had to bring fans into the garage to cool it down. I can't wait until the rainy season starts!!!

Got my History of American Women exam score back today. I only missed one question. The teacher said that mine was the best score out of all her classes. Blush. Aw, shucks...

In a group of people, 47% are male, 53% are female. 11% of the males are colorblind, 2% of the females are colorblind. If one person is chosen, what is the probability he is male, given that he is colorblind?
.... No, I don't get it, either. I hope I did good on the quiz.

Five more days until Italy!

Unfortunately, I'll miss two exams while on vacation. One I can make up right away, but the other I'll have to take during the final exam period. Yuck. I'm also leaving mini voice recorders in two of my classes with (sort of) trusted people so I won't miss out totally on lectures. I'll miss five classes of Statistics, four of Abnormal Psychology, two of American Women, two of Magic, two of Behavioral Neuroscience, and one of the Physical Anthropology lab. Yikes! I get back the night of Monday, the 8th of October, and yes, I am going to my regular Evil Tuesday classes, all nine hours of them. Hopefully. Unless I drop dead during Magic class.

Oh, and I'm taking two textbooks to Italy with me, so I won't drop too far behind. I am such a loser...

I've been reading "Her Majesty's Wizard," by Christopher Stasheff. Pretty good.

Heavy sigh. I have to write a five page paper on the psychology of unipolar depression for my Neuroscience class.

But in Abnormal Psychology, we're studying all sorts of really cool anxiety disorders! Neato stuff.

Vampires are esophobic and heirphobic and hagiophobic and pyrophobic and xylophobic. What are your phobias? Me, I have didaskaleinophobia. Actually, that's not really true. If it was, I'd never get anything done. And it's a very good thing that I don't suffer from graphophobia, either.

Er... yeah.