October 10th, 2001

alone on a swing

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In my Physical Anthropology Lab today, we observed primate behaviors in a troop of Capuchin monkeys at the school zoo. It was really neat, and we got to see a gibbon, a lion, two mountain lions, a wolf, a tiger, all sorts of birds, a camel, a llama, and all sorts of other animals, too. Neato completo stuff!

Oh, and Behavioral Neuroscience professer is SOOOOOOOOO cracked. Her hobby is collecting bedpans and female urinals.

Speaking of that class, I don't have my paper written yet...
alone on a swing

Scary things...

I hade an... interesting conversation with a Christian fundamentalist today. She is Saved. Which is spiffy -- I'm happy for her. It's her intolerance that got to me. The Catholic saints are nothing much; after all, since she is Saved, she's a saint, too. Jesus was the last prophet: Muhammad and John Smith and Wovoka and Elijah (once he arrives) don't count, and were probably agents of Satan. My mother is eternally damned to Hell for rejecting her Baptist upbringing and for studying Hinduism. God cannot forgive me for not believing in Him IN THE EXACT SAME WAY SHE DOES, so come the Rapture, I'll be left behind. There's no excuse for not believing in God in the same way she does, because it's all so clear and simple: her way is the only real Truth. Oh, and Muslims are intolerant. Riiiiiiiiiight.

I'm... I'm trying not to rant here. Sheesh. That conversation has left a taint on my whole day.