October 12th, 2001

alone on a swing

the Devil Winds are here

This morning, a fucking tumbleweed rolled across the freeway in front of my car. Visibility was reduced because of all the sand and dust kicked up by the winds. Yes, folks, it's that time of year again. The Santa Ana wind are a-blowing, and Fire Season is officially started.

There's a huge fire south of Valencia. I can taste the burning weeds on the air and ash is falling over the valley. The sunlight is brown and my eyes are gritty and tearing. The power has already gone out twice as the fire cuts the lines.

An altogether yucky day, it is. Bleh.
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alone on a swing

Seven Survey

7 Things I'm Afraid of:
1) being a disappointment to my father
2) cockroaches
3) driving
4) going blind
5) fire
6) somehow losing my friends
7) never becoming something worthwhile

7 Things that make me laugh:
1) my thoughts
2) comics
3) my relatives
4) Detective John Munch/Richard Belazar
5) really really bad television
6) my Behavioral Neuroscience professor
7) any book by Peter David

7 Things that make me cry:
(Back in 10th grade, I made a promise to myself to never cry again. Few things have made me break that promise.)
1) my father
2) my mother
3) my friends
4) the September 11th tradegy
5) ...
6) ...
7) ...

7 Things I love:
1) my family
2) my friends
3) reading
4) writing
5) music
6) singing
7) praise

7 Things I don't understand:
1) Christian fundamentalists
2) my car radio
3) quantum physics
4) why there have been so many crappy movies out lately
5) why they keep discontinuing the foods I like at the grocery store
6) why Bush is now our president
7) the secret of life

7 Things on my desk:
(Only seven? I have about 700 things on my desk!!)
1) computer and computer accessories
2) Gundam Wing and Spider-Man figures
3) CDs
4) comic books
5) books
6) Tarot cards and lots of other odds and ends, plus scraps of paper
7) an English dictionary, and a Japanese-English pocket dictionary

7 Things I'm doing right now:
1) playing around on the internet
2) doing laundry
3) planning my weekend
4) thinking about reading "Narcissus In Chains"
5) sitting
6) typing
7) breathing

7 Things to do before I die:
1) sky-dive
2) become a popular science fiction/fantasy novelist
3) write some comics
4) travel the world
5) find inner peace
6) do something worthwhile to help the world survive humanity
7) live my dreams

Middle name: I can only pick one?
Birthdate: the day before Cinco de Mayo
Birthplace: the city of Tarzan
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Season: autumn
Believe in Love at First Sight?: no
What are you listening to now?: the wind
What languages do you know?: English

What are the top ten places you'd like to visit?:
(Only ten?)
1) Alaska
2) Indonesia
3) Greece
4) Egypt
5) Japan
6) Hong Kong
7) Kuala Lumpur
8) New Zealand
9) Europe
10) Atacama Desert
alone on a swing

(no subject)

And what should come in the mail today (besides my bank statement and a charity request) but notice from my college that I have officially graduated!!!!


My diploma doesn't come until February (by which time I'll be at another school) but it's already been posted to my transcripts.

Now, if only an AA degree were worth something...