October 13th, 2001

alone on a swing

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Wheeee, I'm playing dress-up! Geisha, cyber-punk geisha... No. Chinese military funkiness... Yes! Maybe. Make-up? White base... Hmmm, too much trouble. Red lips, black eyes... Yes! Ass-kicking boots. Check.

I have a Halloween costume. Sorta. Yes, yes I DO. I DO! I'm not quite sure what I am, but it's pretty nifty. Even have a place to go. "14th Annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval and Parade" Sounds neato, huh? Takin' a friend, gonna dance, gonna prance, ain't gonna blend.

Although the kimonos didn't work out, I'm thinking about getting myself a purty one, just 'cause. And I am SO getting those Chinese shoes from the Pyramid Collection catalogue. (Such a spiffy, spiffy catalogue. So many things I want and will never be able to afford...)

Here are the shoes: