October 23rd, 2001

alone on a swing

Mayonaka no Tantei

My new favorite anime of all time is "NightWalker"!!!!! My new favorite bishonen of all time is Shido Tatsuhiko!!!!! Wheeee! Yay! And, wonder of wonders, I actually like the female characters of this anime, Matsunaga Yayoi and Yamazaki Riho. And I really like Guni, the naked green urban fairy of happiness that hangs out with Shido. And Cain.... gotta love those bad boys! I even liked all the monsters and the blood. And I WANT the opening song by Buck Tick. Must find an mp3 of it somewhere.

Anyway, I just finished watching all 12 episodes, and now I'm animed-out for now. Must sleep. Ta!