November 2nd, 2001

alone on a swing


The substitute for my Abnormal Psych professor is a total ass. But it's okay; he knows and accepts himself and will do his best to make us all pay for his childhood damage. I LOVE HIM!!! Finally, those jerks in the back of the room will shut up and let me concentrate because THIS guy isn't taking any crap. And he swears a lot. Yay!

I finally got my car window replaced. No more duct tape. The repair guy didn't believe me when I said it had been shot out, but I showed him the bullet. He was impressed. And he was impressive. I was drooling.

I have, like, a gazillion pages of articles on depression to read this weekend before my research group meets on Sunday. It's so... so... depressing. Yeah.

I downloaded a few mp3's today. "Little L" by Jamiroquai, "Jus 1 Kiss" by Basement Jaxx, "Because I Got High" by Afroman, and "Gessekai" by Buck Tick. I couldn't find "Crystal" by New Order or "Hold You" by ATB (Andre Tanneberger), but they're kind of new. Maybe in a few months someone will put them out there. Buy them myself? Hehehehehehehe. You're funny.

I am an evil little chippe. There's this story I want to write. A NightWalker/Gundam Wing crossover. Shido/Duo. *shivers* The thought alone is enough to send me into a happy place.

Oh, and it's decided: At Anime Expo next year, I'm dressing up as Shido. It's a nice, easy costume. The only problems I forsee are getting funky contacts and making a blood-sword.


OH MY GOD! I just realized that I didn't go to the comics shop this Wednesday! Halloween distracted me! Eek! There are voices in my head saying "Get thee to a comicry!" Er... yeah. Anyway, if I leave now, I can get to the shop just before closing. Must go now. Ta!
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