November 3rd, 2001

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I finished reading a really good book by Sheri S. Tepper called "Beauty" today. Kind of preachy, like most of her stuff, but wonderful nonetheless.

"We have been thwarted at every turn by god. Not the real God. A false one which has been set up by man to expedite his destruction of the earth. He is the gobble-god who bids fair to swallow everything in the name of a totally selfish humanity. His ten commandments are me first (let me live as I please), humans first (let all other living things die for my benefit), sperm first (no birth control), birth first (no abortions), males first (no women's rights), my culture/tribe/language/religion first (separatism/terrorism), my race first (no human rights), my politics first (lousy liberals/rotten reactionaries), my country first (wave the flag, the flag, the flag), and, above all, profit first.
We worship the gobble-god. We burn forests in his name. We kill whales and dolphins in his name. We pave prairies in his name. We have retarded babies in his name. We sell drugs in his name. We set bombs in his name. We worhip him everywhere. We call him by different titles and commit blasphemies in the name of worship.
We were given magic to use in creating wonder, and the gobble-god has sucked it dry. His followers reject mystery and madness and marvel. They cannot tolerate questions. They can believe any answer, no matter how false, so long as it is a certainty nailed firmly onto the cross of money. They yearn for the rapture to come, without knowing they have killed rapture forever."


"Time. There was a time, I remember a time, when certain things were said to be unthinkable. Pesons did not dwell on these thoughts, they cast them aside, exorcising them by crossing themselves, by prayer, by recital of some formula which would wipe out the unthinkable thing. It did not do to dwell on such things. The darkness was too close. The reality of death was too near.
Later came science and electric lights, a time when people sitting in well-illuminated rooms said, 'nonsense, we can conceive of anything at all.' Any horror. Any disgusting, vomit-making thing. Any garbage. Any offal. Any violence, blood, evisceration, ripping open, heads flying with blood spurting, things emerging from inside the heart with the tissue ripping like paper and the tender inner places laid bare, no defense, no place to hide. 'We can think of those things,' they said, with a chuckle. 'We can think of them.'
There were times, I remember, when we said certain things were unspeakable. Fantasies too horrible for words. Imaginings too gross for description. Violence too inhuman to be put in human language. And then came those who said, "We can speak it, we can say it, make stories of it, until there is nothing that is not there on the page for the eye to see, for the mind to comprehend, for the child in each of us to be corrupted and eternally tainted by.
Innocence. Gone, forever, with the unthinkable and the unspeakable. And innocent laughter gone as well. Now only the dirty giggle, the wicked snigger, the game of out-grossing, the playtime of the beasts.
So that when the real death stalks
When the real horror begins
It will all be familiar and we will be able to enjoy it."

Sing it, Sheri! Power stuff, that. Not that I totally agree with everything she's saying, but still....

A very good book. Fairy tales come true, and not always with nice endings. Sleeping Beauty as you've never thought of her before, the world as it may be/might be/can't be/should be/must never be.

A lot of her books, I just can't abide. But sometimes she writes one that just ensnares me. I really recommend "Beauty" for what it's worth....

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They came, they came, they finally finally came!!! I got my "NightWalker" DVDs today! Yay!

Thus, I was inspired:

FIC: Brooding Vampire Detectives
AUTHOR: Me! All me! Yep, it's mine!
FANDOM: NightWalker/Forever Knight/Angel
PAIRINGS: Heh. Heheheheh. Bwahahahahahahahahah!
WARNINGS: Obsessive brooding. Really old pretty boys with dark pasts. Homoerotica. General silliness. Beware the caravat!

So this guy walks into a bar with a decapitated head under one arm. Yeah, I know it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it's really not. Um, well, okay, it's *mostly* not.

Anyway, he plunks the head down on the bar and.... What kind of head was it? Hell, I don't know, honey! Maybe an Ognib demon, or some other similar nightbreed. What does it matter? So he puts it down and calls for a shot of my best O neg.

Of course I'm thinking "vampire" and I'm right. But that's not the half of it. He looks up at me and my Powers!, he is one gorgeous guy! Yes, hotter than Lindsey. He has this soft, long blue hair that just begs to be petted and the most amazing eyes.... Clothes are a little out of date, but it works on him.

He looks a smidge tired, though, so I ask him what the problem is.

"My Sire," he says. "He just won't leave me alone. Won't let me go my own way. He keeps insisting that I go back to hunting and fucking with him. I hate it!"

Before I can reply, one of my other customers -- also a newbie -- speaks up. I hadn't been paying him too much attention before, but I knew that he was also a vampire.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Mine is at me all the time, too. Says I have to kill, it's in my nature and all that shit."

"Exactly!" says my blue-haired beauty, and the two start to bitch about their Sires. I learn that the one with the severed head as an accessorie is named Shido and the other is Nick. Both are just passing through Los Angeles, Nick on a case and Shido tracking some nightbreed that pissed him off. I couldn't help but think how much they reminded me of Angel. Nick's a cop who has given up killing and Shido's a private detective that tries to help humans. Both have psychotic blond sire who used to also be their lovers, again also like Angel. It was actually pretty scary.

I couldn't help myself though. I just have to listen. I got my bartender to make me another seabreeze and sat back to enjoy the show, and not the one Lenny the Slimey was doing on my stage. Then Angel walked in and things got *really* interesting.

The two out-of-town vampires had switched to Bloody Marys awhile back and were getting drunker by the minute. When Angel walked in, Nick froze and gave a low whistle. He immediately abandoned Shido and went after the Broody One himself. In no time at all, the two were holding hands and gazing longingly at each other. They walked out together a bit later and I never did find out why Angel had come.

I turned back to Shido and found him staring after the couple drunkenly. I sighed and went over to see if he needed anything.

"Anything I can do for you, sweetie?" I asked.

"It's not fair," he mumbled. "Those two get to have sex, Riho and Yayoi get to have sex, why not me?" He looked at me with big, teary eyes and said, "Hey, I like your horns."

And, well, one thing led to another and that's why I had to call you. Now can you *please* do your favorite green demon a favor and help me untie this damn caravat...! Wesley, stop laughing!

...huh? You like me tied up!? Well, I guess Shido doesn't really need his caravat *that* much. He'll come back if he wants it. Oh, do that again! Oh, yeeeeeesssssss.......

The End
aren't I a bitch!
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One last post for today.....

I just watched some "Vampire Princess Miyu". It was nice. Now I'm thinking I should go to Anime Expo as Larva. He has this nice costume that it even more simple than Shido's and also covers everything, including the face. But.... I'll have to think about it. Hey, Al, if I go as Larva, you can go as Miyu! We'd match. Or did you have your heart set on going as the Mad Hatter?

Went to the library today. Got books. Yeah.

Comics I bought: "Robin" #95, "The Titans" #34, "JLA Incarnations" #6, "Strangers in Paradise" #44, and "Giant Sized Powers Annual" #1. The "Powers" issues isn't precisely what I was hoping for, but, whatever. I still worship brian Michael Bendis. He was so incredibly cool at the Comic Con. I went by his booth several times just to talk to him and got lots of stuff signed. I'm still debating on the "Fire" trade paperback, but I'll probably end up buying it.

Oh, and speaking of money, I apparently didn't get that job I interviewed for last week. *sniffle* :(

Ho hum.

Now say "big bad bed bugs" five times fast and go to sleep!