November 11th, 2001

alone on a swing

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Yesterday, I dressed up really cute (pig-tails and my new Mary Janes) and went to a store called Sanrio Surprises with a friend. We went to buy Neopets stuff. And we did. I almost overdosed on all the cuteness (and the Hello Kitty-pinkness) but I made it. And now I own a Chia plushie, and a Neopet charm bracelet, and stickers.

Then we walked around the Northridge Fashion Center, which is a pretty cool mall. I bought See's candy. Yummmmmmm....

Next we went to Aaardvark's Odd Ark, a vintage clothing shop, to look for costuming material for cosplaying. Didn't find anything appropriate, but I did buy a really cool tye-died shirt with incredible embrodiary on it. Very 60's-ish.

It was dubious honor to babysit my neice and nephew. They insisted I actually make them food (spaghetti) rather than just order pizza, but after dinner I managed to distract them with Neopets. Mike got a second pet (his username is sunman3000, if anyone cares). I didn't get home until 1 in the morning.

Today my research group met, and then I went to the SI session. Then I settled in to read the first half of Mercedes Lackey's new Valdemar novel, "Take A Thief".

And that was my weekend.
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alone on a swing

Orange Carrot Flavored Juice Beverage

SoBe is so cool. You can drink bright colored drinks and gross people out at the same time. My love affair with this particular brand began with those cool little free samples they passed out on the dealers floor at the last Comic Con. After a long, sweaty day of pushing my way through the fannish throng, a shot or six of various flavors of SoBe was very refreshing. Yum.

I just entered in all my Rare Item Codes at the Neopets site. Got spiffies. Yay!

Oh Alseides... I found a new place for us to go and spend more money next weekend... TEXUBA, an exibit of vintage kimono and textiles, including a special showing of obi on Sunday. Prices range from $15 to $200 and beyond. Check out for more details. I'm sure we'd be able to find something Miyu-ish there. Or we could go just to look at all the pretty things.

The new JLA cartoon premiers next Saturday on Cartoon Network. I must remember this. Will someone please remind me of this fact on Friday? Please? Thanks.
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