November 15th, 2001


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What lovely lovely weather we're having here. No, seriously. This post is about weather. Well, mostly.

Blue blue blue blue skies. High and clear. A gentle breeze to off-set the heat of the sun. Not a Santa Ana wind, so not dry and hard and icky. A nice breeze, possibly off the ocean. Leaves rustling. Some green, some golden, some red. The red ones falling gently to the ground. The hills just faintly green from the rain, but the mud mostly dried. *sigh* I love autumn....

It was a good thing today was so nice, though. The class before mine in the the Zoo section was taking a test and our (too nice) teacher didn't want to kick them out. So the first half-hour of class was held in the bleachers around the sand stage where they do animal shows.

After Magic/Witchcraft/Religion I had a wonderful conversation with the professor about the focal symbols of our society and how they evolve. For instance, the American flag is currently the focal symbol of the US, but before the events of September 11th, it was probably the Constitution (at least according to him; I think it was the Capitol Building, or possibly the White House). But what about the overall focal symbol for all of Western Civilizaiton and thought? I contended that Blind Justice holding her Scales was a good candidate and he agreed with me.

The upshot was that I was late for Neuroscience. Not a lot, though. But what can I say about that class...? I've said it before and I'll say it again: OUR PROFESSOR IS CRACKED!!! But, you know, in a good way. She made us all label post-it notes with words like "ventral" and "dorsal" and "neuroaxis" and "frontal" and so on and stick them all over a partner to illustrate neuroanatomical nomenclature. Imagine 45 students, each with bits of colored paper stuck all over them, from head to chest to shoulders to back and so on. When you've stopped giggling, go eat some chocolate. Sally the Nutty Professor swears by it!!

I have it from a reliable source that Sally was even more manic last semester. Scary thought, that.

Downer: Heavy traffic on the freeway home because they had to close a lane. Fresh oil spill! Yum!
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di e\/il 5c|_|/\/\-5|_|ckin9 phr34kz!!!

ph34r mi! j00 d34d f00!


I mean, *ahem*.

Sorry about that. Too much MegaTokyo in one sitting rots poor Cloudy's brain. l33t sp34k is addicting. And evil. Very very evil.

B C4RPHUL 0R J00 \/\/iLL B 5|_|C|<3D IN2 3\/IL!! 5@V3 Y0|_|R53LF!!!