November 21st, 2001


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The house smells like baking. Mark got a special request for his breads because everybody always loves them. He baked two loaves of sourdough, and a batch each of Hawaiian, garlic herb, and nutty oat bread rolls. Mmmmmmm, yum. No pumpernickle, though. He promised he'd bake some just for me later.

I'm baking two batches of chocolate chocolate chip cookies and Mark made some sugar cookies. Now all we have to do is the spinach-stuffed mushrooms and we're ready for tomorrow!

My sister is hosting Thanksgiving this year. She lives next door to her mother-in-law, so she can have two ovens going. It's a good thing, too, since there'll be 43 people to feed. Wow! Most of them are from her husbands family, but our side is represented, too.

Oh, and I must remember to call my dad and wish him a happy holiday.
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    "Brestir og Brak" by Bjork & trio Guomundar Ingolfssonar