November 30th, 2001

alone on a swing

Who needs a life anyway?

Yep, I added EVEN MORE webcomics to my list of favorites. I have 30 now, and there are actually some others that I read only on a semi-regular basis. I'm sick.

Haruuuummmmm, I think I'll go draw some more of "Oblivious" now. And maybe this other one I'm thinking about doing. I just wish I could actually draw. Oh, tossblack, do you wanna draw my comic for me? Pweeeeeeeeeeese!
alone on a swing

Memepool stuff. I died laughing.

OH. MY. GOD. It's like a Japanese version of The Village People except they're only wearing fig-leaves! Freak-tastic!

Die, kitty, die!
It's like Meerca Chase.... only, not.

Sounds fun, I wanna do it! Next time I go into a Home Depot, I just KNOW I'm going to walk the aisles giggling.

Smurfing the web is fun!

Let them eat Cake!
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