December 7th, 2001

alone on a swing

Holiday Greetings!

Okay, I've decided to emmulate oshunanat and send out holiday cards. If any of you all (and I do mean ANYONE -- even people I don't know, seriously) want a pretty little card from me, just say the word! You'll have to send me your snail-mail address to get one, though. E-mail it to me at before December 20th and I'll get one to you. Doesn't matter if you're down the street, across the country, or overseas. I'm sending out cards, and that's that! Oh, and I promise not to use your personal address for any nefarious purposes or give it out to anybody.

Come on, you know you want a card! I might even include a pleasant surprise....
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alone on a swing

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it's scary outside. all windy. big bangs and crashes. santa ana winds suck. broke lots of terra cota pots and some garden statues. bad wind. made my braids come undone earlier. loud scary wind. bad devil wind.

alone on a swing


My power just came back on. Yes, the Devil's Breath blew some power-lines down or something, 'cause we were without power for over an hour. Grr.

I'd just realized that I hadn't eaten in nine hours and I decided to get some food. I was just starting to eat my lovely microwaved meal (while reading some spiffy Basingstoke fiction) when everything went kaput. Found the flashlight. Went outside. Looked at the stars.

It's very neat being able to see so many stars out at night because the lights of the city are all out. One of my major regrets from the Northridge earthquake is that my glasses were buried under rubble for several days and I couldn't see the stars clearly. I also regret all my crushed Christmas presents, the two shattered fish tanks, the property damage, the dreadful fear, and so on, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I looked at the stars tonight. Very nice. Over the hills I could see the light of the greater Los Angeles area.

The Santa Ana winds. Popularly called the Devil Winds. They're hot, dry, searing winds. And very very strong. That rain we got here last week? Tinted the hills slightly green? Gone. This wind will dry it all up. Sad. And it's hard to sleep when things are rumbling and banging around outside and you're house is creaking with it.

But sometimes I like the winds. At the old apartment, when the winds came, I used to put on a flimsy white dress and walk barefoot over the sharp gravel to the roof. I'd stand there, letting the wind whip my hair and my dress and just sway with it. My arms outstretched, my voice raised in laughter.

I saw a herd of tumbleweeds merrily chasing each other down the freeway today. Makes me want to catch a few and make a tumbleweedman. That's like a snowman for those of us who live in places where it never snows.

Some CalTrans workers were clearing brush from the side of the freeway. Fire hazard in this kind of wind, you know. They looked like they were going to blow away. All that dust and dirt and grime kick up by the wind, too. Ick. I don't envy them.

It's hard to drive when the wind is this strong. It pushes the car around. Both hands on the steering wheel are a must. And sometimes dust storms kick up and obscure the view.

Ah, the wind....