December 11th, 2001

alone on a swing

Poetry hour #1

"The Sphinx" is one of my two favorite poems by Oscar Wilde. Wilde isn't the best poet in the world. His own story is rather more interesting than any of this literary accomplishments, including "The Picture of Dorian Gray", which I recently read. But I liked this poem. Um, it's rather long, so I'll post it using livejournals cut protocol so those of you who don't care to take a look don't have to.

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alone on a swing


My day hasn't been BAD exactly, just frustrating and icky.

THE GOOD PARTS: I got to sleep in an extra hour because the professor cancelled History of American Women today. The egg helmet project was fun and it was nice having Mark and Ken there. Ken even said he'd like to take the class because Sally is so cool! Oh, and my egg didn't break. I got to put together an adult Homo sapiens skeleton in my Physical Anthropology lab today in preparation for the final. Spiffy. And I talked to a friend on the cell phone.

THE BAD PARTS: I almost froze to death in Statistics class. I got stuck in traffic for half an hour, when that particular portion of my drive should take only ten minutes. I had to miss the last lecture in Magic class to prepare for the egg helmet and now I'm worried I missed something important that will be on the final. I spilled red drink down one of my new shirts. I couldn't get Alice to load when I got home.

Anyway, I've been comforting myself reading "Strangers in Paradise" trades. God, that is SUCH a cool comic! Francine is cute, but I identify more with Katchoo. Not that my life has been as hard as hers or anything.

So, it wasn't one of those "i'll-kill-everything-in-range-and/or-myself" days but it wasn't great either.
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