December 16th, 2001


Gee, I think I'll update now.

Lets see, what's been going on the past few days.

Thursday: Finals in History of American Women and Magic/Witchcraft/Religion. Both were okay. Magic was actually funny! Here's one of the questions:

10. Rappaport remarks that the pigs in Tsembaga villages contribute to human welfare by
a. providing a soothing level of snorting, squealing, and other background racket.
b. attacking enemy villages in armored pig phalanx formations.
c. playing poker, interpreting dreams, cleaving the hoof while refusing to chew the cud, and nobly demonstrating that, while all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.
d. cleaning up the garbage and waste products which would otherwise accumulate.

There are some other strange ones like that, too. For instance, I REALLY don't think that Dolly Parton is a Hindu god. The professor must have had fun writing this. I asked him if I could keep a copy of the test because it was so funny and he said okay, as long as I don't sell it or show it to other students or do anything nefarious with it. Heheheh.

Friday: Abnormal Psychology final. Easy. Mark took mom to a concert for her Christmas present. I stayed up really late reading fanfic.

Saturday: I slept in late. Went to Borders but didn't buy myself anything. Went to tossblack's where she, oshunanat, and I watched anime, after going out to dinner. "Yami no Matsuei" is cool.

Sunday: Is only an hour and a half old. Why am I up this late?
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I'm helping momma with her Egyptology paper. Yay me! She made me a Monte Cristo sandwich for lunch, yum. Ahhhhh.

My dad has apparently left the state and his bitch of a wife cut me off before I could ask where and how to get in touch with him. Fuck.

I sort of cleaned my room. Well, not really. Dusting. Bleh. Slept a lot today. Read some "Resurrection Man" in which my current home city was mentioned.

I'm feeling really apathetic right now, but maybe working on Yoichiro, Kazuhiro, and Yukie will help. I'll post what I've got to umbramancy when I've got it.