December 17th, 2001

alone on a swing

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I went to my new college today to pick up my registration stuff because it never came in the mail. The drive isn't TOO bad, but I hope my class schedule doesn't cause me to get stuck in rush hour traffic a lot. With good traffic, it's about a half hour trip to the campus.

I have the theme to "Our House" stuck in my head because of geekwad. *sigh*

I should be studying for my three finals tomorrow, but I'm not. Even better, I should be sleeping so I'll be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my final tomorrow. But I'm not. Heh.

Mark has finally got the new doggy door for Angel almost done. Who knew it was so hard to cut through walls anyway? *shrugs*

Oh, and even with all my driving today, the fuel gage in my car didn't even quiver when it really should have. I think old Dick Turpin has a new problem!