December 18th, 2001

alone on a swing

Last day of class.

I took my last three finals today. Woo hoo!

Statistics was hard. Really really hard. It took me two hours to do only twelve problems, and even then I couldn't really do two of them. Scary, cumulative final. But I did good. I checked the professors office before I left school today and, wonder of wonders, he had already posted the grades. I got twice as many points as I needed on the final to maintain my grade! Yay!

Neuroscience was okay. I think I did fine. Sally did say there is a problem with me being an SI for next semesters class, though. I wanted to teach the night class, but that spot is being filled with an SI from this semester who necessarily has priority over me. So unless I can do one of the afternoon classes, I'm screwed out of this job. We'll have to see what my schedule is like. Total bummer!

My lab final was okay, too, although I forgot about the nuchal crest and the foramen magnum. *sigh* Oh well. And I drove Yulia home because her car broke down. She told me all sorts of interesting things about her status in the US as a foreign citizen.

I sold back some of my text books today. What a rip! The Statistics book that I bought a mere seventeen weeks ago for $95 only got me $5 on sell-back. Grrrrrr. And I had to stand in line for almost an hour to get it. I kept the books I liked,.

I don't have school for several weeks. Oh, what ever shall I do with myself? Ah yes, I promised myself I'd catch up with my Sentinel Vitrual Season reading. Quick, to the archives!