December 27th, 2001



I played the game "Life" with my neice and nephew today. I enjoy the game (although playing it with people that young can be exasperating) but today it got me to thinking.

Besides the obvious stereotype of pink and blue pegs for females and males.... Why do they make you STOP and get married? It's mandatory in this game. It's forcing a cultural mandate down the throat of our children. And it made me kind of depressed that I had to get a blue peg next to my pink one because it would be too much to explain if I played a blue peg or if I sat my pink peg next to another pink peg.

I also didn't land on any of the baby spaces and they made fun of me for not having any little pegs in the back of my car-piece. When I said that I didn't want children anyway (especially after being around them), they didn't believe me. Oh, I know that when they grow up a little they'll be able to logically understand that there are options in life and that they are all equal. But can we ever truly overcome all of our early cultural conditioning? From observing the avowed beliefs and the practiced actions of my parents generation, I've come to the conclusion that we can't. Courses in cultural anthropology just confirmed this.

And that makes me sad.
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They know where I live!

Tempted though I may be, I have resisted the urge to order airline tickets to San Francisco in February. And I've passed up WonderCon with only a few sighs of longing.

But ComicCon.... Oh yes, ComicCon had captured me already LONG before they sent me this in the mail. I only wish it were sooner. I await it with rapturous anticipation.