January 3rd, 2002

alone on a swing


Weird sleeping patterns abound. I fell asleep yesterday rather early, just after dinner in fact. But I remembered to set my alarm for 1am so I could get up and watch "Homicide: Life on the Streets." And I did. And I didn't go back to sleep afterwards. So I'll probably be taking a nap sometime today, but that's okay -- I have nothing better to do.

I've been enjoying "Homicide." We FINALLY got CourtTV where I live, and they're at the beginning of the cycle. I'm watching it all again from the beginning. It's a bit hard, knowing that some of the characters I'm watching will die and others will fall into corruption and lies. And Bayliss -- poor Bayliss! This mornings episode was where Gee makes him take a new case after it's just about certain that the Adena Watson case will never be solved. I love Bayliss, but Munch is MY MAN! Munch is SO COOL! I love Richard Belzar.


On a different note completely, I got more Christmas presents from my friends at the party on the 1st. April gave me a huge "Gundam Wing" poster that I'm going to hang on my door. Becky gave me a cute little blue bear plushie. Ginny gave me a 2002 engagement calendar with paintings of various goddess by Susan Seddon Boulet, plus some aromatherapy candels. Susan gave me "The Klingon Dictionary." Sweet! I really had fun with all of them. We didn't go dancing, but we did go out to see "Lord of the Rings" again. I am Gimli! (See, there were nine of us so we each got to be a member of the Fellowship.... Tori was Frodo and Jen was Gandalf... um, yeah, it made sense at the time, really).

jIQong vIneH!

Yay, more stupid quiz things!

You are Louise!

You enjoy getting high on e-numbers, caffeine or alcohol and running around screaming "Relena must die!" while clutching a small plastic scythe stolen from a Deathscythe-Hell model kit.

You can't help but spend money on Gundam model kits and when it comes to anime, it's all things Gundam for you.

Ideal anime: Gundam Wing

What Kind Of Umifuu
Are You?

Appropriate? Maybe. I really like "Gundam Wing" a lot, but it's not my favorite anime. Sure, I have a huge G-boys poster hanging on my door, and seven of the gundam models, and a Wufei pin, and a t-shirt.... Okey-dokey, Gundam-freak am I!

Which David Bowie are you?

Whoa, trippy. "Rock On!" my fellow freaks!